2019’s Coolest Interior Design Trends For Your Home

It may still seem a while away, but 2019 is fast approaching, which means that the trends for next year are already making themselves apparent in the design world. If you’re planning to revamp your home in the coming months, you may want to use these exciting, fashion-forward new trends to make sure your living space is both functional and ultra-stylish. You don’t have to incorporate them all at once – just keep an eye out for new ideas that work well for your home and reflect your unique personal taste.


Impactful ceilings:

Too many of us neglect our ceilings when going about a home renovation or interior design project. We agonise over colour samples for our walls and the vibe of a sofa and then forget about just how powerful a statement ceiling can be. In 2019, we’ll see more design-savvy homes incorporating statement ceilings into their aesthetic by using fun prints, creative wallpaper and splashes of paint. This isn’t a trend that will be easy to DIY – so make sure you have a professional renovation service like Brilliant SA to help you through the design and execution process.

Earthy tones:

Gone are the days of harsh, sterile looking homes and clinical steel finishes. 2019 will be all about natural, earthy colour schemes and materials that bring a soothing and eco-conscious atmosphere into your space. Shades of green, plenty of wood in varying textures and colours, and a sense of bringing the outdoors inside will help you recreate this trend.

Back to black:

If you’re not so keen on earth tones and want a more monochromatic feel for your house, you’ll love this new trend that’s making a splash in 2019. While minimalist white may have been popular in the last few years, black is really making a comeback. Use black wisely as it can make a small space feel even smaller – consider using it on one wall to make a strong statement or bring the trend through with your decor or furniture to reference the look without going overboard.

Flexible furnishings:

Want a piece of furniture that does more than just one thing? The interior design world is buzzing right now with fresh new designers who embrace the concept of multi-functionality and flexible living spaces. A great example of this is in the dining room table. If you want to open up your space but still throw a great dinner party, an extendable dining room table that shrinks and opens up as you please is the perfect way to work this trend into your renovation.

Bring greenery indoors:

It’s not just earthy colours and materials that are making their way into our homes next year, it’s genuine plant life, too. Last year’s Pantone colour of the year may have been green, but this year we’re seeing the colour come to life through real house plants incorporated throughout your interior in beautiful pots. Not only do plants look great in the home, they also help you breathe more easily; so your health will benefit, too.

Fluidity in form:

Harsh edges and straight lines do have a certain modern feel to them, but 2019’s furnishing trend is all about embracing the curves. Look for furnishings that have creative, fluid curves and bends, rather than predictable straight forms.

Author: Levi Lombard

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