7 Budget-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

Many people mistakenly believe that their interior design dreams can’t be fulfilled until they have a big enough budget for a major renovation or redesign. This just isn’t true. There are plenty of creative ways to give your home a refreshing makeover without parting with your hard-earned cash. Try some of these budget-friendly decorating tips if you want to finally live in the home you’ve always dreamed of.


  1. Add personalised touches around your home. Your house should be filled with character, reflecting your personality to everyone who visits. If your home feels a little too drab and generic, there are easy budget-friendly ways to highlight your personal style through your décor. For example, you can buy cushions online that can be customised to your liking, allowing you to tailor design your décor accessories so that they match your home’s aesthetic and your specific taste.
  2. Hold a re-arranging session. Sometimes, just moving things around a little can make a huge difference to your space. You don’t need to buy anything new – just take a look at what you already have and then rearrange to give the room a fresh new look. It’s also a great opportunity to consider whether any of your décor is simply taking up space or spoiling your design vision. If so, it may be time to gather up those pieces to be given away or recycled.
  3. Give your lamps a new lease on life. Buying new lamps can be expensive, but lampshades don’t have to be. Give your lighting a new lease on life by switching up the lampshades. You can find cute patterns and create a mix and match look in your bedroom for a quirky new style, or opt for chic matching shades to give your space a neater look.
  4. Design a DIY headboard. A new headboard may be pricy, but you can easily make your own at home on a very small budget. Just cut pieces of MDF and upholster the pieces with a pretty fabric that blends with the rest of your bedroom. Just adding an interesting new headboard to your bed can transform the space.
  5. Boost your space with mirrors. If you’re short on space and want to open up your rooms, consider adding a few mirrors to the walls. Even older mirrors can be repainted around the borders to update their appearance, and will instantly add more light to your home and create the illusion of a larger space.
  6. Add a fresh coat of paint. If you can’t afford any new décor, repainting a room will go a long way to making you feel like you’re in a totally new home. Tired of dull, neutral shades? Repaint in a bright, bold colour and see how much more rejuvenating the room feels. Experiment with colour to create a striking fresh style in your home.
  7. Create a photo gallery. Putting art and photos up on your wall is a great way to personalise the space and draw the eye. Make your own gallery by printing photos of your family and placing them in matching simple frames. Then hang them on the wall in a neat geometric gallery style order. It’s a foolproof way of adding instant sophistication and character to any room.

Author: Levi Lombard

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