7 Things Not To Do When Renovating Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a big project, and not something to be approached without a good deal of preparation and organisation. It’s probably the most-used room in your home, and it’s a space that the whole family gathers in, so it’s reasonable to want your kitchen to reflect your personal taste and aesthetic accurately. If your kitchen isn’t quite looking up to scratch, it could be time for a remodel. Just remember to avoid these common errors in the process.

  1. Neglecting the flooring. Don’t focus on fixtures and neglect the other aspects of your kitchen. Many people get carried away with choosing cabinets and installing countertops that they neglect the flooring – possibly the most important feature of your whole space. Simple white tiles can be a durable and easy-to-clean option, but don’t forget to ask for help in putting the flooring in to ensure it looks its best.
  2. Ignoring the impact on your property value. You should think of your kitchen renovation as an upgrade to your property as a whole. A new and modern kitchen can do wonders for the value of your home, so make sure all of the changes you make are legitimate upgrades that will have a positive impact on your property price should you decide to sell.
  3. Breezing through the budget. Before you do any work on your kitchen, you need to have a clear budget in place. Do some research to find out what kind of prices you can expect on the various aspects of your renovation, and get quotes from a range of contractors to see how each aspect of your budget should be allocated.
  4. Attempting a DIY remodel. Unless you’re an expert in your own right, it’s probably unwise to attempt to do all of your kitchen renovation by yourself. As there will be plumbing and electrical equipment involved, you’ll need to bring some professionals in to make sure everything goes smoothly. Don’t be afraid to tackle the design process behind the scenes yourself – you should certainly create the kitchen you want for your home, but get advice from experts to make sure that all of your plans are safe and realistic.
  5. Forgetting about your workflow patterns. When you design the overall look of your kitchen space, you’ll need to consider how you naturally move around the room in your day-to-day life. Your appliances should be arranged and placed in a way that’s logical and intuitive, and the refrigerator should be easily accessible from your stove.
  6. Leaving out the storage solutions. Though the major elements of your kitchen like the oven and cabinets will probably stay at the top of your remodel to-do list, you should still leave some space in your budget to incorporate useful storage solutions into your redesign. Clever drawer dividers and pullouts will drastically improve the efficiency of your kitchen, and leave it looking neater.
  7. Neglecting your creative streak. While your kitchen may be a mostly utilitarian space, there’s no reason not to add some style and creativity into your design process. Consider adding splashes of colour to the space wherever possible, playing with tile shapes and modern appliances, and adding homey details like flowers or art to really make the property come to life.

Author: Levi Lombard

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