7 Ways Your Business’s Web Content Could Be Better

For most businesses, the process of building an online presence is a journey. Things rarely begin perfectly, and it takes some trial and error to get things just right. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your business website from the start. Focusing on your website’s content is a great way to begin. Better content will attract more people to your page, grow your customer base, and ensure that users stay and read more.

Keep the content creative.
Dull, uninspired content is commonplace on business websites, but there’s never an excuse for a total lack of originality. You don’t need to have talented writers and digital marketing experts on your team to access great quality content. You can use an integrated marketing agency to fine-tune your content strategy and get their creative brains on board to ensure that the website reads as well as it should.

Play with different forms of media.
A multimedia strategy will always work better than straightforward written content. While copy-focused blog posts can certainly do well, you should keep your audience riveted with a multimedia experience when they visit your website. Use live stream apps to include your website visitors in particular events, interview members of your company or customers to use as video testimonials, and create podcasts sharing your experience and expertise. Get creative and experiment – not every strategy will be a roaring success, but some may be.

Pick up on trends.
Content that explores current events and trending issues is always likely to perform well. Take a look at your area’s popular hashtags, news stories, and pop culture conversations on a regular basis and try to apply the story to your business in some way. Don’t forget to utilise keywords to bring new readers on board.

Make it personal.
In today’s economy, many customers are interested in creating an engaged and authentic relationship with the brands they love. To help your audience get to know you better, create content that’s more personal. Add a section to your website telling the story behind the creation of your business, or share interesting anecdotes and humorous stories in your blog posts. If your customers feel that they know you well and like you as a human being, they’ll be more likely to want you to succeed.

Know your reader.
It’s no use posting web content that your customer would have no interest in whatsoever. Do your market research and get to know what your average customer is interested in, then tailor your content to suit their needs.

Update all your links.
Broken links are a major problem for many business websites and they can totally spoil the user experience for your customers. Check your site on a regular basis and make sure all of the links are active and up to date.

Utilise SEO principles.
A strong grasp of SEO will help maximise the return you get on your content. If you want strong traffic numbers and plenty of clicks, you’ll need to understand SEO. Get specialists on board if you need some extra help with incorporating this into your digital strategy, and remember that keywords should be subtle and flow naturally within your content. When it’s forced, it doesn’t work.

Author: Levi Lombard

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