Choosing the Ideal Venue for Your Business Meeting


If you’re planning a big business meeting or conference, choosing the ideal venue is one of the most important things you’ll need to do. In order to do this and eventually find the perfect location, there are several steps involved and many different things that you should consider. Here are some of the most important things that you’ll need to think about when looking for a good venue.



  1. Location

You might be inviting people from all over the city, the country or the world to the conference, so the location is very important. Not everybody will be driving to the venue or able to take their own vehicles, so you should make sure it is accessible for people arriving by public transport or other means. If you’re inviting lots of international guests, think about the logistics of getting from the airport to the meeting venue.


  1. Accommodation

Depending on the size of the meeting and whom you are inviting, you may need to consider accommodation options in the area. If the nearest hotel is an hour’s train journey away, it’s not going to be ideal for people who are travelling from further afield, and it could put many people off accepting the invitation. Luckily, there are many corporate venues in Melbourne, which are actually situated within hotels and apartments, so you could make it extremely convenient and book the guests accommodation at the venue itself if possible.


  1. Refreshments

If the conference is being held for the entire day, you’ll need to think about where the guests and attendees will be able to get food and drinks. Again, this comes down to the location of the venue, since there may be restaurants and cafes where they can take a break and grab a bite to eat. However, if there isn’t time for this, ensure that the venue can either provide refreshments for everybody or there is a food delivery service nearby which is able to deliver lunch at the requested time.


  1. Space

You can’t hire a space, which fits 50 people if you’ve invited 100 people. Of course they may not all turn up, but you need to plan for a situation where everybody could turn up. It’s embarrassing to end up with not enough space to fit everybody you’ve invited, especially if the meeting is important and people have important things to say. In order to avoid this issue, ask people to confirm their attendance prior to booking a venue so that you know exactly how many people it needs to cater for.


  1. Facilities

You will need to check certain things in the venue, such as disabled access if any of the attendees have disability issues. You should also check whether or not there are bathrooms in the building so that the guests don’t have to leave the venue. You may also need a projector, whiteboards, flip charts, a microphone, speakers, computers and other additional equipment. You can ask the venue beforehand if they provide all this – they may do so at an extra charge.


Author: Levi Lombard

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