DropShipping Merchandise in Australia

Drop shipping business model has been gaining a lot of momentum in Australia due to its own set of perks, starting from being a low maintenance, low cost, low risk to an easy to start the business that many can afford to initiate, provided right strings has been touched.

Being a novice at this working model, the first thing you should bear in mind is not every product is worth dropshipping. You need to know and understand what works and does not work for you commercially. Pick a product that sells but at the same time you should be able to stay ahead of your competition if not from a marketing perspective than in client servicing at least.

Merchandising is one such product category which is equally popular among Aussies across the country. You could come across big shots dealing in this category and ready to eat up small-scale competition but like mentioned earlier, your survival and growth as a new entrant are dependent upon the tips and tricks you would opt for to control your competition, such as:

Digital Marketing

Nowadays digital marketing is the main tool for driving traffic for the companies that drop ship merchandise. Managing optimization of social media and website while generating and validating content through a blog post, link building or guest posts. You do not only increase your search rank but also increase the visitors or reach of your web presence which ultimately affects your sales. The general rule of thumb is you conversions are 1% or 2% of the reach. So if your visitors are less than 100 then that means you would not be having any sales and you need to work on that aspect to ensure conversions.

Lucrative Offer

While drop shipping in Australia, you should offer compelling promotions to your customers so they do not hesitate to pull out their credit cards. The best way out is to create such as offer which would upsell without losing onto its attractiveness. An offer helps you attract even those customers who would not turn to your online shop otherwise as it hits the impulse instantly.

Avoid Underpricing

Pricing of the product that you are selling online should be as per the market value. You should not cut your prices just because your competition is doing it or you want to create a point of differentiation based on low cost. You should know that you have to make profits and cover the other associated costs as well e.g. marketing, shipments, team etc. As long as your prices are reasonable and in accord to the market offer, stick to it.

Quality Suppliers – A Bliss

When it comes to merchandising, finding the quality suppliers in a bliss for your drop shipping merchandising business in Australia. People would stick to the quality, you need to have such vendors on board who would assure that while keeping the dispute rates to the minimum.

Automate If Required

If you are working on the dropshipping model of business as a side hustle then you should try to automate most of its operations by using various automation apps i.e. retargeting, emailing, advertising, to name a few.

Website Audit

It is very important to audit the website before triggering the operations to make sure that it is presentable, images are not missing, links are not broken, content is not a placeholder text. Mainly the companies that drop ship merchandise should have user-friendly and updated websites as half-hearted presentation turn off the customers and raise many of the quality issues.

Ready To Pivot

If you want your dropship business Australia to last for longer then you are required to be ready for the pivot. As you never know when do you have to take action to scale your business as anything could happen in online business i.e. an ad could perform so well that you scale quickly than expected, similarly a new trend hits the market and you have to include it in your product category or an article that you are relying on might not go well with the audience requiring you to take it off the site. Anything can happen, you should be able to identify when and be ready for it.

Lastly, customer business service is the key and would play a key role along with other measures to discern from the competition. Therefore, start appreciating your clientele from the first day because they might not remember your product in the long run but they will definitely remember how you treated them and what they felt about it.

Author: Levi Lombard

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