Finding The Best Care Home For Your Loved One

At a certain point in our lives, many of us will end up in the position of needing to look after the people that once cared for us. While many times it may feel difficult to entrust an aged care home with our loved one, at a certain point it often becomes too difficult to provide the necessary support at home, or we may not have the space to take our relative into our own home and they’re unable to live alone. In this case, finding the best possible place for them is the perfect way to meet their needs.


Make Sure You Tour The Home

The best way to get a feel for the atmosphere and warmth of an aged care home is to visit it yourself and really take a good look around. When you tour aged care facilities greensborough, give yourself plenty of time to ask the staff all of your questions (preparing a list in advance may be helpful) and to look around the facility as a whole. Looking at the place online is one thing, but you need to visit and look around to understand what the environment of the home will truly be like and if it will suit your loved one. If they’re well enough, bring them along so they can give their input and get a feel for whether the home feels right for them.

Know Your Priorities

Both you and your loved one (depending on their health and state of mine) will definitely have particular priorities for what you want from an aged care home. It may be a vibrant community with plenty of activities and a lively sense of fellowship, or it may be a quieter atmosphere with a higher level of medical care or specialised services for a particular medical difficulty. Whatever your priorities are, make a clear list and talk them through with every facility you speak to or visit to make sure can provide exactly what your loved one needs.

Know Your Options

There are multiple levels of care that are available depending on the needs of your elderly relative, so do plenty of research to work out what type of care will be most appropriate for their needs. Do they need round the clock medical supervision? Are you looking for a residential facility where they live together with other elderly people, or a community where they can live more independently in their own space but with nursing staff on call? There will most likely be a variety of options in your state, and the type of home or program you choose will depend on what you feel is most appropriate for your loved one.

Consider Distance

Some people find a good quality, lovely looking aged care home that’s quite a long distance from their family home. Consider looking closer to home – it’s a sad fact that many elderly people don’t receive enough contact and communication from their family, and this can contribute to feelings of loneliness and depression in old age. Finding a home that suits your loved one’s needs as well as being close to family is ideal – so aim to keep the distance as short as possible so you can visit frequently and still remain a regular fixture in their lifestyle.

Author: Levi Lombard

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