Hacks to help you win at life

Life is full of struggles, for most people it certainly isn’t easy. But so often the struggles that we encounter on a daily basis could be better dealt with if we planned things better and knew some simple life hacks to help us make it pass the roadblocks and obstacles that we encounter on a seemingly daily basis. These solutions are often obvious with hindsight but they are not necessarily things that we think about in the moment. Sometimes they are also so obvious that nobody shares them or talks about them either, but that is nonsense; so here’s a list of practical tips and ideas to help you win more easily at life.

Sometimes the easy option is okay

So often we are told what not to do, that we don’t actually think things through logically. A good example here is the notion that going into debt is a bad idea. Often it is, and on the surface that is not bad advice, but sometimes it can be a great solution. If there is a real life-changing solution or a bargain available and you don’t have the cash to make it happen, perhaps you should consider if it is a good idea to apply for a loan. Do the math and if the repayments are not prohibitive and the upside is worth it, then it could just be a good idea to take on the debt in exchange for the benefit that it will bring to your life.


Recognize that in most instances you are probably not the only person experiencing the needs or issues that you are encountering. And sharing is a great way to split costs and resources to ensure that you still get what you want but at a portion of the cost. Sharing works in so many ways, it could be ride-sharing or time-sharing or simply splitting the cost of a commodity and purchasing it for cheap in bulk. Perhaps, it is sharing ideas. Whatever it is, psychologists and economists will both tell you that there are massive benefits to be had when sharing, yet strangely we simply don’t do it enough in our modern world.


Vacations are vital and they must be taken. Too often there is a tendency to think that holidays need to be too far off places and exotic destinations. That is completely not true. Holidays are to give you a break from work and the pressures of everyday life. They are opportunities for you to recharge your batteries and to unwind with the people and things that are important to you. Take them. You will return to work refreshed, more creative and ready to do much more.

Rainy days happen

It is imperative that you are always planning for rainy days and disasters – there is no way that they can be avoided. And major expenses have the ability to ruin even the best laid plans. So acknowledge that these issues will happen and plan accordingly. Save money every month to ensure that any nasty surprises are easily dealt with and that you are not suffering the consequences of them for month to come.

Author: Levi Lombard

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