How to become a bricklayer in the near future

Owning a house can be a most satisfying experience, but building that same house can be even more so. One is not suggesting you swap career goals and paths just to get into the building industry for the sake of creating your own home, but it can be a really hand tool to equip yourself with going forward. Whether you are in the trade or not, being able to build a wall – according to speculations and regulations – in a relatively brief amount of time can be a really great thing to be able to do. Therefore you have some elements to consider going forward.

If anyone can, you can

Be it in your tertiary or primary education, you will remember some particularly taxing times when you thought you were not going to pass a certain subject or exam. In the end, though, you probably got through it because you backed yourself. Well, back yourself to undertake a certificate III in bricklaying and you will see that you might have it in you to get this done after all this time.

The long and the short of it

Full-time or part-time, you will be able to study at your own pace in most cases, but must do the checks to let yourself know that this is, indeed, the case. Take some time to do your homework and you will see that it does not have to be a tedious and expensive process. It can be quite fulfilling, when undertaken with the right institution who are willing to take you on and make you one of their own, among their team, part of their family.

Certainly certified

Certifications are important, as many qualifications might not have the backing of a recognised institute and therefore will be pretty useless in some fields and context. So ask the right questions and make sure that what you are going to study will have the right stamp of approval on it. At the very least, their certification authority should be pending, if not in place already.

Reputable teachers

You will also want your teachers and lecturers to know what they are doing, know what they are talking about and be sure that they are confident in themselves, each other and the material and subjects they are delivering. If this is always going to be the case, then great, but if not, you might have to get some extra help. Additional tutelage is not a bad thing and should not be frowned upon. If anything, it is extra knowledge that will really help you going forward. Teach yourself, even, that much extra which will help you go a step above your friends and colleagues. It’s possible, so give it a good think and then take the steps needed to get it right the first time.


Whether you want to become an expert property builder or just want to get one or two more skills to make you that much better in the house-building process, the course will serve you well.

Author: Levi Lombard

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