How to Choose an Energy Plan in Australia

Are you trying to choose an energy plan for a new home or attempting to switch to a new one from an older provider? Australia has so many options for energy plans, choosing the right one can actually seem a challenge. But if you do your research and know what questions to ask for, you can easily choose the right energy plan for your home or apartment. Here are several tips on how you can choose the best plan for your budget and requirements:



Compare All Energy Plans Available in Your Area

The first step towards choosing the right energy plan is being aware of what types of energy plans are available in your area. Have you only looked at one or two? Don’t. You should use a well-regarded comparison service like Econnex to compare all types of energy plans available at your postcode. This service shows plan rates in actual dollar amounts and not percentages. You can know which provider you are comparing with exactly and then sign up online if you prefer. Don’t look at brochures or websites for one or two energy companies and make your pick. Use a proper comparison service as well to make sure you are making the right decision.

Consider Convenience Too

There are actually three things to consider when choosing an energy plan of any kind: price, control and convenience. You may have the right price, but how easily can you pay the bills or check your usage? When going over a plan, check how convenient it is for your needs as well. For example, it should be very easy for you to pay your bills on time. It should also be convenient to check your rates, get help with saving energy, and so on. Don’t pick a plan based solely on price.

Be Wary of Sign Up Bonuses

When you choose an energy plan, you should pick one that fits your budget for the whole year and also for years down the line. Some energy providers offer lucrative sign-up “bonuses” that allow users to save money during the very first month of use. Don’t take these welcome bonuses seriously. They are nothing more than a marketing gimmick. What you really need to consider are the rates for the rest of the year. So don’t fall for the bonus trap. But if you are looking for a discount, look for “pay on time” discounts. These are discounts that you can benefit when you pay the bills on time without delay. Such a discount is lucrative on the long run.

Renters Should Look for a Plan without Exit Fees

Exit fees or early termination charges are common for some long-term energy plans. However, if you are renting, you could end up paying a lot of money as exit fees when you leave as a tenant. Therefore, make sure not exit fees are imposed on you when you pick an energy plan for your rental home or apartment.

Look for Green Energy Options

Do you want to have eco-friendly ways to obtain energy for your home, such as by windmills or hydro? Then look for an option for renewable energy use. Most current energy providers in Australia offer options to choose power not produced by coal or fossil fuel.  Last but not least, choose an energy provider with great customer service. It will be essential when you run into power problems.

Author: Levi Lombard

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