How to make cleaning your office easy

A tidy office is an office that creates a good impression for visitors, is one that feels relaxed and creative and is one that feels healthy and good to be in. But keeping an office clutter free and clean can be a nightmare. You want your people to work hard and to spend long hours at their desks being productive and achieving their goals, but this inevitably leads to mess – people eating at desks, spills and papers and notes. So, how do you stay on top of things to make sure that every morning the office feels like it has just been spring-cleaned? It might be easier than you think. Here are a few tips to help set you on the path to success.

Get in some help

This is the easiest one to implement. There are plenty of commercial cleaning companies north Brisbane or Sydney or wherever it is that you are based. You just need to find them and let them know your specific needs. Many will be happy to send in a cleaning squad at night when things are quiet. The highly efficient staff will go through the detritus of the day, removing rubbish and cleaning work areas. They genuinely can perform work like magicians – all the litter and scattered piles of clutter seemingly disappear overnight. It is a cost-effective solution as well and one that you don’t need to manage or fuss about, it really just takes care of itself.

Incentivise the staff

Getting your staff onside with your vision for a tidy office is also important. As much as you cannot ever get away from having maids or cleaners coming in, the whole process is a lot easier if they arrive at an office that is not a tip. Look to offer staff some kind of reward for keeping their work areas clean. Maybe it’s a meal voucher for the person with the neatest cubicle or a collective prize for the business unit that has the smartest work area. Whatever it is, work the carrot rather than the stick. Getting the staff on board with the solution is a big win.

Encourage healthy living

Try to encourage your staff not to eat at their desks. This is unhealthy on so many levels and it also leads to grubby work stations and unnecessary mess. Promote walking meetings and create a nice kitchen area or canteen where staff can go to eat and get their heads out of their work for a few minutes. Promote recycling as well – you will be surprised how important it is to most people and how having proper waste-disposal systems encourages people to be clean and tidy.

Aim to be paperless

Wherever possible try to cut down on the use of paper in the office. It is one of the biggest causes of clutter and mess – big piles of documents that are never going to be read that are waiting to be filed or so somebody to sort them away. It simply isn’t needed. It is bad for the environment and it makes for a cluttered office – try wherever possible to cut down on printing, it will make a big difference.



Author: Levi Lombard

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