Rethinking security for your business

Security is a major concern for almost anyone who runs a business. You have people and you have assets and you want to make sure that they are protected, both from external threats or from internal pilfering. But being able to ensure that everything is safe is not always easy and it is not always cheap. A security guard in a uniform who earns minimum wage is very susceptible to bribes if asked to turn the other way and he is also not going to be very well trained either. So how do you overcome these traditional models of thinking to come up with solutions that are effective both in terms of cost but also in terms of ensuring that safety and security are enhanced. Here are a few ideas to help you map your company’s needs.

Double up

A security guard is an obvious feature at a place of work. Standing at the door with a magnetic scanner and a uniform, usually looking bored and wishing that he was somewhere else. It is hard to feel that you are getting much value for money from him. But what about an option where you have an ‘undercover’ security officer at the door to welcome people and vet who is coming and going, without appearing to look like a guard. Many apartment complexes and malls are now starting to make use of the best personal concierge services that they can find. Essentially plain-clothes security who meet and greet visitors but who are trained to act as security should the need arise. It is less threatening and austere, and it can double up as the more traditional doorman or receptionist role.


There are so many advancements in technology that it is hard to know where to start. From cameras to artificial intelligence analysis that is able to recognise certain behaviours and flag accordingly. In other words, modern AI works with cameras to ensure that a computer is able to monitor multiple cameras at the same time. Programmed to recognise when, for example, somebody climbs over a wall or opens a cash till for too long, the action is flagged, and alarms sounded. It means that you don’t need an army of security personnel monitoring cameras all day long. One simple solution is able to service multiple cameras, and it can all happen discreetly with cameras never seen or noticed by the public.

Armed response

This is perhaps more old-school than the solutions, but it is still a good option to consider. The quality of armed response services is getting better all the time as more cars and patrollers are deployed to busy urban areas. If staff are equipped with panic alarms, it becomes very easy for them to raise somebody quickly in the event that things go awry. The cost of having a security company on a retainer is probably a whole lot less than paying for permanent people to be on site – it is just a matter of weighing up the lag time between the sounding of the panic alarm at your property and the arrival of the professionals.

Author: Levi Lombard

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