Simple strategies to make your office a better place

Since business first began, owners and leaders have always sought to find ways to maximise worker productivity. This is done in one of two ways, either via incentive (the carrot method) or via fear (the stick method). From both a productivity and a worker happiness perspective, the carrot method has been shown to work much more effective. So, with that in mind, what tricks are there that can be employed to make sure that your office is a happy and productive place – in short, a place where your staff wants to be.

Feed your people

A well-fed staff tends to be a happy group of people. Feeding is a very broad category and it can range from something as simple as having a vending machine on-site, through a kitchen area with free fruit, bread, and coffee, all the way to a fully catered dining room. Whatever you opt for will be budget dependent, but just remember to align it with how your company is performing. If you are paying big dividends and making millions in profit, then your staff will quickly become resentful if they are forced to buy drinks from a vending machine. Tailor a package that works for you by investigating Sydney corporate catering options from one of the specialists working in the space.

Break-out spaces

Sitting all day in a cubicle or behind a desk is not good for the soul, so, make sure that you are able to offer spaces for chilling out and having fun. A pool table, foosball or a room with PlayStation are all options. Just something that will allow staff to spend some time together doing non-work things. It shouldn’t be too distracting, but it should be there, it will keep your people fresh and focussed and it goes a long way towards transforming the workspace from just a place of work into a place where people look forward to being.


Plants are natures air filters, breathing in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They have the ability to make your office a healthier place. And as if that is not enough a recent study showed that workplaces that had living plants were considered soothing and conducive to creativity. The key here is that if you do decide to bring in greenery it needs to be properly maintained. As phenomenally positive as plants can be, the site of dead plants and death in the office can a completely opposite effect. It might seem inconsequential, but you need your plants to thrive – if you get that right your staff will be inclined to feel the same.

Lead from the front

If you are the owner or the CEO then make time to spend with your staff. Don’t be locked away in an office on the executive floor the whole day and too busy to interact with the people on the ground. Be one with them. If you have created a break-out space, then make sure that you spend some time there. Not too much time or you risk setting a bad example, but interact with your people on a human level, not just a work one, and they will love working for you.



Author: Levi Lombard

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