How to get Sole custody of your child

Australian child custody law, rules and regulations might be specific and child custody law is entirely varying from each country so it is recommended to familiarize with the child custody system before you going to the court.


Meaning of Custody


The term custody is used by the courts or family law legislation but however it is still used by the ordinary people, schools, media and parents. If a parent wants to gain the custody of their children then they must seek for two things such as sole parental responsibility and children live with them. If you choose the best lawyer then they will helpful to organize the custody paper in the excellent way.


Sole Custody


Sole custody is where one parent might have sole control of child or children involved. At the same time it will be awarded as either as sole physical custody and sole legal custody. When the court thinks that one parent might be unfit to take child custody so other parent might be made the custodial parent.


Legal Custody


Legal custody means people can get legal right to create the decisions about the kid upbringing. This kind of the custody is offering the specified custodian the right to make a decision about certain things such as schools they attend, any kinds of the medical care, type of the religion and special needs that your kid be required. Sometimes people can also select the joint custody because it is awarded when the parents joint custody rights. This kind of the agreement might be either joint physical custody or joint legal custody.


Australia, the Family Law Act 1975


If a parent who seeks the sole parental responsibility or that the kid lives with the parent then you must familiar with the part VII of the family law act 1975. There are more important sections in the custody cases are there such as 60B, 60CC, 61DA, 60CD, 60CC and 65DAA. Once you familiarity with this section then parent can get clear understand of how court will consider about certain things.


Cases when you should go for full custody


In a present world many of the people are having question about when parent go for the full custody. Suppose children are at the high risk of harm at other parents care then it is recommended to contact professional lawyer and you can also acquire advice from professional attorney. TGB is the South Australia largest law firm family so try to select the best lawyer.

Author: Levi Lombard

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