Three things you should do when starting a new job

Starting a new job is an exciting time for anyone, whether you’re straight out of studying, trying to work your way up the corporate ladder or making a big career change. Entering a new work space can be intimidating for even the most confident of us, as you’re leaving the comfort and familiarity of your previous position and embarking on something completely new.  Navigating this new space can be tricky and may present several new challenges, bit in the work you’re doing and fitting into a new team. Here are a few tips and tricks to help make that change a bit easier for you.


Devil’s in the details

The last thing most of us think about when we start a new job is how and when we will leave it, but it’s definitely an important aspect to consider when taking the plunge. Never start a job without a signed contract. Make sure your read your new contract several times and if there is something you’re not complete clear on, have a professional look over the document and offer you advice. There are several great firms that offer this kind of service, like Powerhouse Law Australia. They will be able to flag any grey areas and advise on how it could be changed. They could even implement the changes for you and help you should the relationship with your employer turn sour. Much like taking out an insurance policy, it’s not something you hope to use, but can be a lifesaver when the need arises and also gives you the peace of mind that your bases are covered.

Keep them sweet

It might seem like an overly simple trick, but try keeping a jar of sweets at your desk, with a label or note that people can help themselves. Most of needs a little sugar rush during the long work day and when your new team mates stop by for a treat, it creates an opportunity to strike up conversation and get to know each other. Over time, they will also start to associate you with something positive in the form on a treat and will help make their opinion of you that much sweeter.

Ask for advice

It can’t be said enough, but when you’re entering a new workspace, do not be afraid to ask for help or advice. This applies to everything from a reminder about where the bathroom is, to the name of the IT person or even suggestions on the best local lunch spot. Most times new team members will be happy to help and flattered that you asked them for their opinion. Apply the same principle to work related tasks. If there is something you’re unsure about, ask and keep asking until you’re 100% sure. There is no shame in not knowing everything about your new job straight away and most people are very patient and sympathetic during the period where you’re still getting the lay of the land.  Also make sure to ask questions of as many different people as possible, helping you strike up conversations and get to know as many business members of your new team as possible.




Author: Levi Lombard

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