Tips for Creating a Positive Work Environment at Your Business

A positive work environment is simply a friendly and pleasant office where everyone feels welcome and no one dreads coming to work each business day. It starkly contrasts workplaces where confrontational encounters, lack of trust, and other negative behaviour is prevalent. There are many advantages to investing in creating a positive workplace. For starters, positivity is known to motivate workers who otherwise may not feel valued. It also drives productivity, as cordial relationships between colleagues make it easier to collaborate on projects. Here is a list of simple tips that will help your company create a highly positive and productive work environment:


Lead by Example

A business can feel like a family environment where the parents (managers, executives, or supervisors) set the tone for the rest of the place. If managers or supervisors engage in non-positive behaviour, like yelling at subordinates, then it will be very difficult for the rest of the workplace to strike a pleasant tone. Therefore, the first step towards creating a friendly office place is having the higher ups lead by example. Hire managers with even tempers and excellent communication skills to set the overall tone at the office. Eventually, the workers would follow the good behaviour and will understand what’s accepted and not accepted at work.

Offer Rewards for Good Behaviour

The Pavlovian method of offering rewards for acceptable behaviour is highly effective, even on adults. Institute an employee recognition program at the office using a well-regarded platform. These programs encourage employees to engage in positive behaviour with each other in return for points. The points can be cashed later for valuable returns like airfare discounts or restaurant meals. It’s not much different from a rewards system designed for customers. Companies that cannot commit separate resources for creating positivity-driving systems at work can rely on a points-based program from a third-party vendor.

Celebrate Achievements

If supervisors only disparage subordinates when a project goes sideways, then that’s the exact antithesis of a positive workplace. Instead, the higher-ups should praise workers when they get projects done. In other words, celebrate the contributions and achievements of workers. Naturally, this would make them feel recognised and valued and thus motivate them to achieve more. If a project doesn’t go as planned, instead of starting to blame the workers, focus the energy on introspection. Find out why the project failed and learn lessons the business can apply to other projects later.

Prioritise Positive Thinking

Positive thinking may sound like New Age shtick, but it is actually a serious concept even business leaders are starting to warm up to. Positive thinking is a unique way of seeing the world as glass half-full. This is not to say that entrepreneurs should ignore all the other bad stuff. Rather, focusing on a positive is used as a form of motivation to achieve more. Companies can certainly benefit by introducing workers to the power of positive thinking. There are several ways to do this, such as by hiring positive thinking speakers, recommending books, and showing workers videos.

Encourage Fun

If the workers can have fun and let loose, they will be in a good mood and less likely to resort to negative responses. So, be sensibly flexible so workers don’t always have to be so rigid. Use the above tops to create a positive and pleasant work environment that drives high levels of collaboration and improves overall business growth.

Author: Levi Lombard

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