What to do when insulating your home, once and for all

From the bitterly cold winters to some of the searing hot summers that your country’s climate has served up over the years, it is sometimes difficult to balance the temperature in your house. So often, it sometimes feels like it is colder inside your house than it is outside during the winter months, while it is also often hotter indoors than it is outdoors during the warmer months. Confusing and difficult as it is to manage this, there is help at hand – and it is nicely offered by what you can do with your housing walls.

These four walls

Whether they border your bedroom from your living room or your kitchen from the pantry or laundry area, walls can be lined substance with wall insulation services Geelong have to offer. Particularly in Australia, where temperatures – from Darwin to Sydney and back again – can vary dramatically, the insulation can really help find the temperate equilibrium that a lot of people long for. You don’t want to be sweating it out on your sofa or couch when it could be cooler in the summer – and equally so – you don’t want to be freezing from top to toe when the sun is blazing across your back garden. The insulation will help with this.


With various substances on offer to line your walls with, inside and out, professionals’ advice should be sought and employed when making a final decision as to what to go with. From the light to the more dense and the fluffier to the more transparent, the choices are several – and you will need to take some extra time in seeing what will work for your house. Not options might be available to you, given the age of your house. If your home is relatively new, then you should be afforded more options. But, if your house was built, say 30 years ago, that’s deemed rather old in this day and age – and therefore you will have some limits to ultimately negotiate.


It can be a relatively inexpensive process, if you go about it the right way – and certainly shop around for some stronger options than others. Consider this an investment, as your property can be kept warm or cool for many, many seasons to come – including autumn and spring, when the balance between hot and cold can be particularly picky. As with most things in life, cheaper is not always worse, nor is more expensive necessarily better, so, again, be choosey.

Ask around

Think about chatting to friends or work colleagues who might have been through this kind of thing before. Their referrals – word of mouth, effectively – can be very helpful and can save you plenty of cash in the long run. There are several cases out there that have not gone according to hopes, dreams and ambition because people did not do their proverbial homework and research properly. This is easily avoidable, when due diligence is followed by chatting to others and really taking their advice into consideration – professionally or personally. Then, at the end of the work, you will be left smiling in the warmth – or cool – of your freshly insulated abode.


Author: Levi Lombard

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