Your Guidelines for Getting a Divorce

Marriages in Australia do appear to be a little bit more enduring than those taking place in other Western regions. Still, the fact remains that about one-third of all marriages end in divorce. So, if you are considering the dissolution of your marriage, you should know that you are not alone. Even under the mildest of circumstances, this isn’t the easiest process to undertake. If you are considering this option, however, here are some of the things that you will need to do:



Separation Is the First Step

Legally, you can’t simply head to the courts to dissolve your marriage right away. Instead, the two of you must first be separated for a period of no less than twelve months. Some couples choose to live in separate residences during this time. Others prefer to make the argument that although they have shared one home, they have led separate lives for this duration. Now, this rule is usually applicable for longer marriages. If you have been wed for less than two years, there may be additional steps. For instance, you may need to first attend counselling before you are allowed to go through with any further legal proceedings.

Get Legal Help

If you have decided that you don’t wish to salvage your marriage, it is time to call in the divorce lawyers. There are several reasons that you should think about doing this quite early on. An attorney can be incredibly helpful especially if you are unsure of what comes next legally. By having someone to guide you every step of the way, the entire process becomes a lot less complicated. You can ensure that everything goes smoothly as there is a professional to handle all of the paperwork in a timely fashion. Attorneys are also quite detrimental when there are children involved and you want to make sure that you get custody.

Avoid Unsolicited Advice

You will probably have met a few people who have gone through this process themselves. Even people who are still happily married will volunteer various advice. As well-meaning as all of this information may be, there is a good chance that much of this is hearsay. This is why you should avoid taking it to heart. If you have any questions, it is best to ask your attorney. They are the only ones who will be able to give you facts and the unvarnished truth about you can expect.

Be Careful About the Decisions that You Make

You should not make spur of the moment decisions. This is especially important if you expect that your case will be brought before a judge. In this scenario, many of the choices that you make will be legally irreversible. So now is not the time for hasty thinking or for coming to conclusions that are based on emotion. Instead, wait until you are calm and clear headed to think things through. Whether it is financial, regarding custody of your children, or property settlements, don’t rush into anything. As long as you stay within the time limit given by the court, you should always be careful about what you decide to do.

This will be an unsettling and confusing time in your life, there is no doubt about it. However, as long as you plan properly, keep your temper in check, and think logically, you will be fine. You should always keep sight of the big picture.

Author: Levi Lombard

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